Aggravation of Pre-Existing Medical Condition

When someone is injured in an accident and files a personal injury claim, the first thing an insurance investigator will look for is the victim’s pre-existing conditions. Generally, an injury victim is not entitled to compensation for a pre-existing condition. However, an accident victim’s pre-existing condition can become worse or aggravated by an accident. So,…

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March 19, 2021

Ellis Law Corporation


Pandemic Fuels Rise in E-Bikes… But Are They Dangerous?

Major auto manufacturers are eager to cash-in on this hot new trend, but consumer advocates are warning about potential risks. E-Bike Sales Grow Around the Globe Europe’s approach to pollution and overcrowding traffic management favors the use of e-bikes. Cities like Oslo, London, Madrid, and Paris restrict downtown roadways to automobiles, but allow scooters and…

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