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Mazda Recall Alerts: Airbags and Power Steering Issues

mazda airbag inflator recall
Mazda has announced the following recalls in September 2017: Wiring issue: Recall covers Mazda 6 sedans for model years 2015-2016. Wiring under the front passenger seat can rub up against welding debris causing the wires to short knocking our power steering and passenger air bag. More than 60,000 vehicles are... Read more »

Fatal Big Rig Crash blocks I-580 Eden Canyon Road

fatal big rig crash block I-580
A pair of 18 wheeler rigs collided Thursday on Interstate 580 blocking traffic for 10 hours or more on the westbound side. California Highway Patrol reported a black sedan had struck one of the trucks which impaired the steering of the vehicle. The first tractor trailer had come to a... Read more »

When Music Kills: A Closer Look at Distracted Walking

walking in the streets of city wearing headphones
In Los Angeles and throughout California, pedestrians who are distracted by their headphones and earphones aren’t as capable of identifying hazards and reacting appropriately. This leads to serious injuries and sometimes, fatalities. The exponential growth of technology incorporated into everyday life has proven hazardous in many ways. Distracted driving accidents... Read more »

Best Apps for Brain Injury Recovery

Moderate to severe brain trauma changes a family in many unexpected ways. Patients can display behavioral changes, personality differences, cognitive impairment, and many other issues that inhibit their self-care abilities and overall independence. Technology can’t replace the medical and therapy services provided by healthcare professionals, but there are some apps... Read more »