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11 Motorcycles Every Enthusiast Must Ride

Driver riding motorcycle on the empty asphalt road
There’s nothing quite like the first time you fall in love with riding. The thrill of the open road, the freedom of superior maneuvering, and the dynamite acceleration—what’s not to love? The only problem with becoming a motorcycle enthusiast is that there are so many superb motorcycles to ride and... Read more »

5 Attributes of an Effective Expert Witness

When it comes to personal injury litigation, the success of your claim hinges largely upon the quality of your legal counsel and testifying experts. Here at Ellis Law, we have spent the past two decades achieving favorable outcomes for complex cases involving defective products, workplace injuries, negligent property maintenance, vehicle... Read more »

3 Tragic Car Accidents in One Week in L.A.

No information gets across how dangerous Southern California roads can be than looking at the car accidents that occur in one representative week. Here is a look at the 3 fatal car accidents occurring during one week in the Los Angeles area. Driver Dead, Deputy Injured in Suspected DUI near... Read more »

3 Ways a Truck Can Total Your Car

Destroyed windshield and front part of car after accident.
18-wheelers weigh up to 30 times more than the average passenger car, tipping the scales at a monstrous 80,000 pounds. The trailer hitched to the powerful truck engine measures 54 feet long — compare that to the typical family car which spans less than 16 feet. There are nearly 6... Read more »

Cypress Park Vehicle Crash Injures 7 People

firefighter with car accident victim
Seven people were injured in a car crash in northern Cypress Park last Friday, reports the Los Angeles Fire Department. The accident involved two passenger vehicles which collided at the intersection on Division Street, close to San Fernando Road. Authorities think the force of the collision pushed a white sedan... Read more »

3 Ways Poor Lighting Can Cause an Injury

Business man falling down set of stairs.
There are infinite ways a person can sustain injuries, from plane crashes to sports collisions. But did you know that a simple lightbulb, or the lack thereof, can also cause injuries? Installing adequate lighting is an easy way to improve the safety of any home, office building, or nursing home,... Read more »