Bike Accidents Down in LA Due to Coronavirus

Bike Accidents Down in LA Due to Coronavirus

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September 2, 2020

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Collisions between bicycles and automobiles are way down in Los Angeles, according to local internet publication Crosstown. A recent analysis conducted by the organization revealed some interesting figures presumably related to a downturn in traffic since the beginning of the citywide Coronavirus shutdown.

2020 Bike Accident Statistics in LA

  • The number of bike/auto crashes decreased by nearly 71% over an 11-week period in Los Angeles.
  • While there are undoubtedly some stressed-out, erratic, distracted drivers in LA, the number of collisions dropped from 561 to 164, thanks to fewer cars being on the road.
  • Bicycle/vehicle accidents were already on the right trajectory; a February analysis found the number of incidents decreased 5% from 2018-2019.
  • By late March, traffic had dropped over 70% in Studio City, Westchester, Santa Monica, and Downtown.
  • The first week of the lockdown produced half as many accidents – 16 vs. 32 the previous year.
  • The most dramatic change occurred over a one-week period in April, where there were only two accidents, down from 32 in April 2019. 

Interest in Biking Safety and Infrastructure Increases Across LA

The coronavirus crisis is the perfect time to get outdoors, increase healthy exercise, and take a break from mass transit. In Los Angeles, 84% of people use cars and motorcycles as primary modes of transportation, with just 0.7% of the population relying on bicycles to get around.

On the bright side, LADOT has used this time to launch 28 miles of newly installed or upgraded bike lanes.

  • The 7th Street Forward Project Downtown is moving full steam ahead to make the most popular bike corridor in LA more protected on 5th, 6th, and Olive streets.
  • The 6th Street Viaduct has bike lanes in both directions now under construction.
  • An additional bike lane is planned for the First Street Bridge.
  • South Los Angeles has seen 12 new miles of bike lanes to Avalon Boulevard and the installation of parking-protected bike lanes from Manchester to Century on Broadway.

These improvements should be effective at turning more people onto the idea of commuting to work by bike.

Get Legal Representation — at No Upfront Cost — for Your Bike Accident

Of course, the overall decrease in bicycle accidents in LA is of little consolation if you or a loved one have already been injured. If that is the case, call Ellis Law for a free consultation. Even if you’re not sure who hit you or an uninsured motorist struck you, our investigative team and highly trained experts can help. We always advocate for enhanced cyclist safety in Los Angeles and will do everything in our power to protect your legal rights and get you the justice you deserve.