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Bicycle Accident Claims Teen’s Life

February 26, 2015

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Friends and relatives of 17-year-old Philomene “Philo” Ragni are honoring the boy’s memory with a street side memorial near the site of the bicycle accident that claimed his life.

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Investigation is ongoing

Although the investigation has not yet concluded, police officers are already chalking this deadly collision up to a stroke of bad luck. “There is no reason to believe this is anything other than a tragedy at this point,” said Los Angeles Police Department Valley Traffic Division Capt. John McMahon. Capt. McMahon went on to inform reporters that the boy had been riding on his bicycle when he was crossing Woodley Avenue on San Fernando Mission Boulevard. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene at about 3:15 in the afternoon.

The driver, who was not identified, was driving a Department of Water and Power (DWP) truck. As of yet, he has not been charged with any offense and he is said to be fully cooperating with police investigators. So far, police officers have ruled out the possibility that the driver was distracted by electronic devices while driving. Alcohol and drugs are not believed to have played a role, as the driver passed a sobriety test.
Despite all the lingering questions with this case, it is known that Philomene Ragni was not wearing a helmet while riding his bicycle. It is believed that Ragni inexplicably and abruptly turned into the path of the DWP truck, which may not have had time to stop to avoid hitting the boy. However, time will tell whether the driver may be held liable for the fatal accident.

Family suffers dual tragedies

Family members of Philomene Ragni do not appear to have shared their thoughts with the press and it is not known if the family plans to consult a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer regarding their legal options at this time. Friends of the family have informed reporters that the family has suffered a double tragedy. Not only did Ragni’s mother recently pass away, but Philomene lost his life on the same day of his little brother’s birthday. Friends of the boy at John F. Kennedy High School are being consoled by grief counselors.

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