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Beverly Hills Wrongful Death Lawyers

While there is no shortage of glitz and glamour here in one of the most famous cities in the country, we all know that accidents can happen anywhere to anyone at any time. Some accident victims emerge completely unscathed, some suffer nagging injuries, some experience more serious injuries, and unfortunately, some are even dealt with fatal injuries.  

A track record of helping Southern Californians  

The Beverly Hills wrongful death lawyers at Ellis Injury Law have over two decades of experience representing the surviving loved ones of victims in this latter category. Our personal injury lawyers are proud of our success rate has translated to over $350 Million recovered on behalf of our clients.  

Who is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit? 

In order to file a claim for wrongful death, California law requires one to be a close family member, such as the spouse or domestic partner of the victim, the child of the victim, the victim’s grandchild (if the grandchild’s parents are dead), or a minor who resided in the household for six months and depended upon the victim for at least half of his or her support.  

Damages that the victim’s loved ones may recover 

If you think you may have a wrongful death claim after the passing of a loved one, a qualified Beverly Hills wrongful death attorney knows that some of the damages that you and your family may be eligible for include the following:  

  • Financial support that the victim would have supplied over the remainder of his or her lifetime. This includes wages and any other income.  
  • Any economic benefit that the victim would have provided. This can include a stay-at-home parent that would have raised his or her children or an adult that is caring for an aging relative.  
  • The victim’s medical bills, lost earnings, or damage to property.  
  • Emotional support, marital relationship, comfort, companionship, parental relationship, and any care that the victim would have given to the survivors over the duration of his or her lifetime.  
  • Punitive damages.  

Be sure to avoid this one major mistake 

No matter what the cause was of your loved one’s tragic death, do not make the mistake of agreeing to a settlement with an insurance company before you consult with a wrongful death lawyer. Insurance companies have zero incentive to give you a fair offer. In fact, their primary goal is to minimize the amount of compensation that you receive, so accepting this offer can end up costing you millions of dollars. On the other hand, a qualified personal injury attorney can determine if your loved one died due to the wrongful action – or inaction – of another party, who that party was, calculate all of the financial and other types of losses surrounding this death, file all necessary legal paperwork in timely fashion, and help you maximize your compensation.  

Call today for a free consultation  

Our legal team is standing by to begin working for you right away. All initial consultations are completely free, and we don’t collect any fees unless you win. We are always available via phone, so if you believe you may have a wrongful death claim following the passing of a loved one, contact us today.