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Beverly Hills Car Accident Lawyers

Not even celebrities are immune to car accidents in Beverly Hills. With nearly 34,000 people in town, car accidents will continue to be a fact of life. However, you can ensure a speed bump rather than a dead-end by contacting experienced Beverly Hills car accident lawyers immediately after a crash. 

Should you sue for your car accident injuries? 

One of the first things that happens after a car accident is receiving a phone call from the other motorist’s insurance company, offering you a check to cover your losses. This paltry amount is almost always a lowball offer designed to minimize the insurer’s losses and quickly, quietly settle without further legal expense. If you truly don’t care about how much money you receive, then you do not need a lawyer. However, if your injuries are severe and you’re not exactly sure how much expense you’ll be paying down the road, hiring a car accident lawyer is the wisest decision. 

What does a car accident attorney do? 

car accident attorney does so much more than file paperwork and argue in court. Attorneys can: 

  • Refer you to the best local medical care provider for the treatment of your injuries
  • Refer you to the best local medical care provider for the treatment of your injuries
  • Ensure you receive counseling for possible PTSD, anxiety, and depressive psychological injuries
  • Call in a team of crash site investigators to assess the scene for clues to what happened and how it happened
  • Interview bystanders and witnesses, the other motorist, and expert witnesses who’ll testify on your behalf 
  • Keep you informed of the case every step of the way, so you know where you stand in collecting compensation
  • Construct a winning legal argument with appropriate liability ascribed to the other motorist and third parties
  •  Argue for maximum compensation on your behalf to achieve an agreeable settlement without need for trial
  • Battle the opposition’s attempts at appeal to overcome any possible objections and get you your due
  • Make sure the other side pays you for your injuries, in full and on-time, as required by the courts

What damages can you sue for after a car accident? 

The insurance companies will take care of your property damage claim, so you won’t be without a vehicle for long. However, when it comes to covering your physical injuries, you’ll find the $15,000 minimum liability coverage insurers require gets used up rather quickly. When you file a lawsuit in civil court, you can collect on damages such as: 

  • Medical bills, including doctor’s visits, surgeries, rehabilitation, assistive devices, and psychological counseling 
  • Lost wages, including time off work, reduced pay, and reduced income earning potential 
  • Estimated future expenses, including medical treatments, disability, and lost wages 
  • The infliction of emotional pain and suffering (often three times the amount of calculable tangible damages) 

Spouses may also file a claim for loss of consortium, loss of income, emotional distress, wrongful death, funeral expenses, and burial costs. Children may claim loss of guidance and support if one of their primary caregivers passes away. While no amount of money will ever compensate for the death of a loved one, it is important to take care of your family financially in the difficult aftermath of sudden, tragic loss.   

What affects how much compensation is granted? 

The amount of money a person receives for a car accident in Beverly Hills depends upon: 

  • The severity of the crash, including property damage, the number of passengers injured, and the property value 
  • The extent of your injuries, and whether they are temporary or permanent in nature 
  • Proof of negligence (from police reports, eyewitnesses, traffic cameras, photographs, and expert testimony) 
  • Your trustworthiness (the consistency of your statement, how much at-fault you were, and your demeanor) 
  • The experience, expertise, reputation, and dedication of your selected legal team 

Contact the Ellis Injury Law Firm for a free consultation. We’ve recovered over $350 million for our clients over the years and are ranked among the best car accident lawyers in the nation by multiple sources. We offer free consultations. If we take your case, we charge clients nothing upfront. A prearranged legal fee comes out of your settlement or jury award, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by exploring your full set of legal options. The State of California typically limits civil personal injury lawsuits to a two-year deadline from the date of the accident, so do not delay in contacting us.