Best Cross-Country Motorcycle Treks

Best Cross-Country Motorcycle Treks

December 11, 2017

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Touring our country’s wide-open roads astride a motorcycle is a dream come true for many. With little to separate biker from the outside environment, there’s perhaps no better way to explore the diverse landscapes and spectacular scenery on offer. After all, today’s motorcycles were designed to navigate the twists and turns and mesmerizing mountain passes that characterize some of the best cross-country trips.

Here are some the most visually rewarding motorcycle journeys in North America.

Best cross-country trips for motorcyclists

From west to east and north to south, the following are some prime routes for high mileage motorcycle adventures in the Unites States.

  • Pacific Coast Highway: This route should be on any biker’s bucket list who wants to experience some amazing scenery from the saddle. This 17,000-mile journey carries you from Washington’s Olympic National Park to the sun-parched city of San Diego, along picturesque coastal roads, dramatic cliffs, beaches and red wood forests.
  • Route 66: Get your kicks on iconic Route 66, brimming with historic landmarks. This classic American trek covers 2,400 miles between Chicago and Santa Monica, taking most bikers about 15 days.
  • The Great River Road (Hwy 61): Created in 1938, Highway 61 traverses ten states bordering the Mississippi River from its headwaters in Minnesota all the way to Jackson, Louisiana. At 2,552 miles, The Great River Road is a bit of a legend among local bikers who make the trek every year.
  • TransAmerica Trail (TAT): The epic 5,000-mile TAT is the most famous cross-country trek, often traveled by sport motorcyclists, long-distance cyclists and off-road vehicles. The rugged trail originates in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and terminates in southwestern Oregon – and is characterized by beautiful country roads and a lot of off-pavement riding. Most bikers opt to camp along the way and rely on dual-sport motorcycles that are designed for more technical rides.

As with most long-distance motorcycle rides, success often hinges on solid planning, quality protective gear and being prepared for unexpected challenges.

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