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Bell Gardens Personal Injury Lawyers

Bell Gardens Personal Injury Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful Personal Injury Lawyers in California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who have a personal injury case.

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have a right to pursue fair compensation. The days following an accident can be overwhelming as you struggle to put your life back together, and it’s imperative you have an experienced attorney on your side. Bell Gardens personal injury lawyers are standing by 24/7 to hear your side of the story and advise you on how to proceed. Whether you’re the victim of negligent landlord, injured by a distracted driver or hurt by a defective product, your rights deserve to be protected. We’ve represented clients from every background and have a reputation for getting results. In fact, we’ve won over $350 million for people just like you.

There is no substitute for experience

For over 25 years, Ellis Law has been hard at work for the people of Bell Gardens. We’ve handled everything from slips and falls caused by poorly maintained sidewalks, to motor vehicle accidents, injuries resulting from an unsafe workplace, insurance claims, and even complex mass torts that hold big companies accountable for their actions. Even if an accident is partially your fault, you still may be entitled to compensation under California law. Pre-existing injuries that were aggravated due to another party’s negligence may also still be compensated. Put simply there is no substitute for an experienced attorney, especially when your health and future are on the line. Every personal injury lawyer in our firm is an accomplished California state attorney and dedicated to fighting for you. If you have a case, we can help.

Dedicated legal team

We are well aware of the difficulties that arise from being an accident victim, and we know the quickest way to get results for our clients. Bell Gardens is not a cheap place to live, and debts can quickly pile up, especially if you’re unable to work. Ellis Law attorneys will work to recover your cash compensation as efficiently as the litigation process permits. If you’ve been hurt by no fault of your own, you deserve your day in court. And our talented legal team are fully prepared to go to bat for you rather than have you get pushed around by insurance companies who do not have your best interest at heart.

We don’t get paid unless you win

Litigation is expensive. However, when it comes to your livelihood and future, not to mention public safety, your ability to pay legal fees up front should not be a barrier that keeps you getting the best legal counsel. Contact Ellis Law to speak with a personal injury attorney today, schedule a free consultation, and we’ll help you determine your next steps. If we decide you have a strong case, we’ll represent you on a contingency basis meaning that we will not get paid unless you win your case. Consultation is risk-free. Call right away to avoid strict statutory guidelines that govern the amount of time you have to file. We look forward to hearing from.