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Bell Gardens Car Accident Lawyers

Bell Gardens Car Accident Attorney- Andrew L. Ellis Andy Ellis is one of the most successful Car Accident lawyers in Los Angeles California. Meet Mr. Ellis and find out how he helps his clients who are injured in auto accidents.

In an instant, a serious car accident can turn your world on its edge. You may sustain injuries that require emergency medical care, and your car might be completely wrecked. You may find yourself wondering how you’ll afford to pay rent, medical, and credit card bills if you’re missing shifts at work. The good news is, the law is designed to protect people who are hurt by someone else’s negligence. If your accident was totally, or even partially caused by, someone else’s irresponsible behavior or bad decisions, you may be entitled to cash damages. Bell Gardens car accident lawyers with Ellis Law are standing by to hear your side of the story. Don’t suffer financial hardships because another driver wasn’t obeying the rules of the road. Work with a talented legal team, and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

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After an accident, it’s best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The liable driver’s insurance company may try to offer you a small settlement upfront, or even shift blame in your direction. Ellis Law offers free and confidential consultations with our legal experts. We’ll help you decide what your next steps should be. We can direct you towards trusted physicians who can help assess your medical condition and what your future medical needs may be. If you’re too hurt to travel to our offices, don’t despair. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment for a car accident lawyer to visit you in your home or care facility. The only way to know for certain whether you have a case is to meet with our legal experts. 

Top-notch legal representation with no upfront fees 

At Ellis Law, we believe the good folk of Southern California deserve quality legal counsel, whether they can afford to hire an expensive attorney out of pocket or not. To this end, our Bell Gardens car accident lawyers work entirely on contingency fees. This means you owe us nothing upfront, and we don’t get paid unless we reach a fair settlement or you win a jury verdict. In the unlikely event you lose your case, you won’t owe us a penny in legal fees. A lack of funds shouldn’t prevent you from standing up for your rights.  

We’ve won over $350 million in damages for our clients 

Founded by U.S. Army veteran and Loyola Law alumnus Andrew Ellis, Ellis Law has secured over $350 million in compensation for our clients over the last two decades. We have experience with everything from common everyday fender benders to complex accidents that involve multiple cars, road construction, or commercial truckers. We have a proven track record of results, and we’ve earned a reputation for treating every client with dedication and care. When your health, happiness, livelihood and financial future are on the line, choose a law firm that will fight tirelessly for your cause. Schedule a free and confidential consultation with a car accident attorney from Ellis Law today.