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Avalon Car Accident Lawyers

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Since car accidents can happen to anyone at almost anytime, and often change lives in the space of a moment, Avalon residents have the right to pursue legal action and compensation if they are injured in a car accident. Car accidents may seem like isolated incidents, but they have long-term and comprehensive impacts on everything from health and career to family relationships.  

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was of little or no fault of your own, you should contact the car accident lawyers at Ellis Law Corporation. Our Avalon car accident lawyers will work tirelessly to secure the maximum compensation possible to help cover all your accident-related expenses and losses.  

What to do after a car accident 

A lot happens quickly after a car accident, and the entire experience can be very overwhelming. It’s important to contact a car accident lawyer right away to help with collecting evidence from the scene like eyewitness statements, photographs and police reports, dealing with insurance companies, and other tasks that will require your immediate attention.  

Before you forget, take time to write down all the accident details you can remember including date, time, place, direction traveling, speed, lane, weather, and other similar information. Be sure to also avoid some common car accident mistakes like talking to the opposing insurance company without your lawyer. If you’re unsure about a situation, talk to your lawyer. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially if there’s the risk of getting trapped in a statement that could be used against you in court later on.  

Getting medical treatment after a car accident 

Even if it seems like you’re fine after a car accident, go get checked out by a medical professional. Many car accident injuries like whiplash, minor bone fractures, or concussions have little or no symptoms at first, but can get much worse later on. It will help your case if you receive documented care from a respected doctor after your accident, and will be healthier for you in the long run to make sure you don’t have more serious injuries.  

Dealing with car insurance after an accident  

While it may seem like car insurance agencies want to help you after an accident, their only goal is to help their bottom line. The negligent driver’s insurance company will almost always want to settle as quickly and for the smallest amount of money possible. While any initial offer may seem like a decent sum of money, you need a lawyer on your side to advise you on if you can win higher compensation by pursuing the case.  

Ellis Law 

Avalon car accident lawyers from Ellis Law will support you throughout your entire car accident journey. We have more than two decades of experience fighting for car accident victims’ rights, and we won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. While we can’t guarantee specific results, our multi-million dollar record definitely says something.  

Call a car accident attorney from Ellis Law today to schedule a free consultation.