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Pedestrian in Van Nuys Struck and Killed by Vehicle


November 12, 2016

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A pedestrian outside a Van Nuys hospital was fatally struck by a vehicle in the wee hours of last Thursday morning, shortly after being released, report officials from the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to Sgt. Rich Brunson of the L.A. Police, the incident itself happened at approximately 2 a.m., taking place on Vanowen Street, just east of Sepulveda Boulevard. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle at issue was traveling west when it struck the pedestrian. Reports indicate that the victim, who remains unidentified, had been released following treatment at Valley Presbyterian Hospital just prior to the crash.

Sadly, the victim was declared dead at the scene. According to authorities, the driver of the vehicle remained present at the accident site and was characterized as cooperative.

Dangers faced by California pedestrians

There can be little doubt about the fact that Los Angeles-area pedestrians are at increased risk of serious harm as they travel the region on foot. According to the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan, drivers in L.A. produce a greater number of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths on an annual basis than those found in any other part of the country. A staggering one-third of all road deaths in Los Angeles involve pedestrians, a figure that is triple the national average.

Largely due to the significant weight and size differences for which pedestrians and motor vehicles are known, it is not surprising that the injuries resulting from impacts between the two are frequently devastating in nature.

Crashes in this realm often cause:

  • traumatic brain injury

  • catastrophic bone fractures

  • severe tissue and nerve damage, often necessitating amputation

  • scarring and disfigurement

  • anxiety disorders

  • death

While some who survive a pedestrian knock down are eventually able to reclaim a normal life, the process often takes months, if not years. Those who are less lucky may suffer from lingering disabilities, cognitive and physical impairment and worse. The massive medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and other effects of these events can bring entire families to the brink of disaster.

Liability issues in pedestrian accidents

Every pedestrian accident involves a unique set of facts and circumstances which must be thoroughly investigated in order to pinpoint liability. All those who travel on foot are required to act in a responsible manner, exercising reasonable caution and following all relevant traffic signals. A failure to utilize available crosswalks and other safety devices may in some cases, absolve a motorist of some or all liability should injuries occur because of a crash.

However, if a motorist ignores traffic regulations, drives while intoxicated or distracted or exhibits negligence in some other manner, he or she can be subjected to criminal and civil liability for harm done to innocent pedestrians as a result. A skilled personal injury attorney will work collaboratively with medical experts, accident reconstruction professionals, engineers and others to determine precisely what happened, establish the identity of responsible parties and pursue full compensation.

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