L. A. Sidewalk Crash Injures Eight

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July 31, 2017

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A van careened into a group of Los Angeles sidewalk diners on Sunday afternoon, injuring at least eight people, one critically.

The van went over a curb and struck diners at The Fish Spot, a popular eatery in the city’s Mid-Wilshire district. While the diners were protected by a white picket fence between the restaurant and the sidewalk, the van hit the picket fence and went over the sidewalk into the outdoor dining area.

One of the injured, a 44-year-old male, was taken to an area hospital with critical injuries. Three other diners suffered serious injuries and four others are believed to be in fair condition, according the Los Angeles Fire Department.

A disoriented driver attempted to leave scene

Witnesses indicated that the driver seemed disoriented as he exited the van. He attempted to leave, forcing witnesses to detain him pending the arrival of authorities.

Witnesses also told reporters, however, that the accident did not appear deliberate.

Law enforcement authorities are still investigating the causes of the accident.

Vehicle collisions involving pedestrians were responsible for 6,000 deaths in 2013, the last year for which statistics are available. They also caused 100,000 injuries serious enough to warrant medical attention, according to the National Safety Council.

While freak accidents such as these are difficult to prevent, pedestrians are always cautioned to keep their eyes on traffic precisely because of the potential for accidents. Being in the vicinity of moving vehicles, unfortunately, is never entirely safe and pedestrians need to be mindful of traffic patterns, proximity and speed.

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