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Hundreds of Crashes Occur in Los Angeles Area Due to Heavy Rains

rain on windshieldLast week’s storm system and heavy rains hit southern California hard, causing an extraordinarily high number of traffic accidents. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), an astonishing 365 accidents were reported in Los Angeles County between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Thursday, November 29, more than four times as many as occur when conditions are not wet.

The high number of accidents were undoubtedly exacerbated by the rain-wet roads, the fact that many residents of the Los Angeles area are not used to driving in heavy rain, and the timing of the storm, which hit during peak commuter hours.

If you crashed during the heavy rains in southern California last week, may sure you take full advantage of the compensation that is owed to you for damages, losses, medical bills and lost work time. Call an experienced LA car accident lawyer at Ellis Law Corporation today!

Truck accidents caused extensive road closings

The CHP and local police issued multiple bulletins throughout the day on Twitter and other social media, reminding drivers that wet conditions don’t cause accidents – how people drive in wet conditions do. Motorists were urged to drive slowly, use their lights and wipers, and be extremely cautious vis-à-vis other drivers.

In addition to rain, the storm also brought higher than normal gusts of wind.

As accidents piled up, including accidents with big rigs, which can extend across lanes, roads closed on the 101, 118 and 134 for periods of time.

Rain Causes Mud Slides in Fire-Ravaged Districts

Throughout California, the rain and wind storm complicated the effects of recent devastating fires. Once land is burned, there is no longer vegetation to hold the land in place, and drenched earth can become a mudslide or flow of debris very easily.

Unfortunately, debris flows and mudslides occurred all over the Southland, trapping motorists and endangering residents. Roads were closed and residents ordered to evacuate in parts of Malibu. Debris flows were reported in Orange and Riverside counties. Schools were closed and residents had to be evacuated.

Mud and debris also were feared to contain potential health problems. State and local health officials urged residents to avoid beach water. Because of the runoff from fire debris and mudslides, the water could be filled with chemicals, bacteria, debris, trash, and other substances dangerous to public health.

A mudslide covered several vehicles in San Bernardino County and caused CHP to close certain portions of Highway 38.

In San Bernardino County’s Forest Falls, vehicles were trapped by a mudslide, prompting the California Highway Patrol to close Highway 38 between Sugar Pine Circle and Valley of the Falls Drive. In the Santa Barbara area, coin-sized hail was reported.

Did You Crash During the Heavy Rains in Los Angeles? Call Ellis Law Corporation

Rain, wind, fire debris, and mudslides caused hundreds of car accidents in our area recently. If you or someone close to you has been involved in one of these accidents in the Los Angeles area, attorneys at Ellis Law Corporation can help. We have been successfully fighting for the rights of people injured in car accidents in southern California for more than 20 years. You can trust in our track record: We win 99% of the cases we take on!

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Heavy Rains and Mudslides in Southern CA Could Lead to Accidents

Flooded road in San Mateo County, California February 2017A major storm is expected to hit southern California on Thursday and Friday, causing heavy rainfall, mudslides, debris flows and flash flooding in areas that are burn-scarred from recent wildfires. This seriously inclement weather will create hazardous conditions on the roads in and around Los Angeles, and drivers are urged to take extra caution and only get behind the wheel if absolutely necessary. Some roads and bridges in Orange County may become impassable. Gusty winds of up to 50 mph are also expected to make driving difficult, especially for vehicles with high profiles.

The heaviest rainfall is expected late Thursday morning and during the commute home on Thursday evening. In some areas, up to six inches of snow is also expected.

Residents in areas hit by wildfires should also be on the lookout for debris-flow runout, which could be carrying hazardous materials that county and state officials have yet to remove from recently burned-out properties.

If you or a loved one suffer injury or loss due to mudslides, debris flow, floods or motor vehicle accidents during periods of heavy rain in LA, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County or elsewhere in southern California, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. Call Ellis Law Corporation for a free case review!

Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for areas affected by the Woolsey Fire and Holy Fire, including parts of Riverside County’s Lake Elsinore. Further evacuation orders could be issued in areas like Malibu, where power outages, mudslides and floods are anticipated.

Up to 3 inches of rain is expected in the foothills and areas of high elevation. Some areas where flood warnings have been issued include Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Malibu Creek State Park, Woodland Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas, and Oak Park. According to a National Weather Service statement, “Hourly rainfall rates in stronger showers and isolated thunderstorms could approach one-half to one inch in an hour. This could lead to mudslides and debris flows at recent burn scars.”

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Lake Balboa Vehicle Crash Sends 6 People to Hospital

emergency vehiclesA serious multivehicle accident in Lake Balboa sent 6 people to the hospital on Sunday, November 25. Three of them were in critical condition and three were in serious condition.

The crash crumped the vehicles involved. The Fire Department had to extricate several people from their cars.

The accident occurred at roughly 7:15 p.m. around the 16900 block of West Strathern Street.

Officials are still investigating the crash’s cause. No further information was immediately available, including the ages, genders, or names of the people involved.

Deciding Negligence in a Vehicle Crash

The investigation of this vehicle accident is still under way, so it is not possible to comment on the potential causes or liability involved.

We can discuss, however, how negligence is established generally in the context of auto accidents. Drivers are obligated to engage in safe driving practices on the road, and for adhering to the laws in California about driving and operating a motor vehicle. They must, for example, stay within posted speed limits. Drivers should also make it a point to drive defensively, with their eye on potential maneuvers another driver might make.

If a driver violates California rules and regulations regarding safety on the road, and a crash occurs, then he or she may be open to liability due to negligence.

Safe driving practices also require that the driver be sober and free of alcohol and illegal substances. California drivers can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol if a test shows a blood alcohol count (BAC) of 0.8% or more.

Car manufacture and road conditions can also be factors in car accidents in the Los Angeles area and throughout the country. If a car malfunctions because of a manufacturing defect, it is possible that the manufacturer can be found liable. If the road is in poor repair, the government agency charged with maintaining it could be liable.

Call a Southern California Car Crash Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been injured or suffered other losses due to a car crash in LA? A car accident lawyer at Ellis Law Corporation can help. Our lawyers have 20 years of experience successfully winning cases for clients hurt in car accidents in southern California. We have the knowhow and resources to fully investigate the crash, provide indisputable evidence of who was to blame, and fight for maximum damages against the deep-pocketed insurance companies.

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One Dead in Early Morning Crash at Azusa Gas Station

ambulanceA car slammed violently into gas pumps at an Azusa gas station in the early morning hours Sunday, leaving a passenger dead and the driver in serious but stable condition.

Impact of crash causes car to flip over

The impact of the crash, at a Mobil station along Azusa Avenue just north of the 210 Freeway, flipped the car over. Police suspect the driver of driving under the influence of alcohol. They also indicated he was likely going significantly above the 25 mph speed limit.

The driver was taken to a local hospital. Neither the passenger nor driver, both men in their twenties, were immediately identified. The crash occurred about 2:30 a.m. on November 18.

Local police noted that it was fortunate that the crash didn’t start a fire, observing that the gas pumps emergency shut-off mechanisms likely prevented it.

Determining negligence in a car crash

While police observations in this crash are preliminary, some general observations can be made about negligence in vehicle accidents. Drivers are always responsible for following safety rules and regulations, and for following California state law regarding the operation of a vehicle. These laws include following posted speed limits and driving a vehicle safely.

If a driver does not follow California law and safety rules and regulations, the driver can be found negligent.

Safe operation also requires that drivers not drink alcohol to excess. A driver in California is driving under the influence (DUI) if a test determines that the blood alcohol count (BAC) in question is 0.8% or more.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a reckless or drunk driver, The Ellis Law Firm can help. Our attorneys have 20 years of experience litigating and investigation vehicle collisions and car accidents in the Los Angeles area.

Possible causes are in any crash can be complex, but we fight for your rights. Please call today for a complimentary appointment to discuss your case with an experienced southern California car crash attorney. We can be reached at 1-800-INJURED.

Additional Resources:

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Tyler the Creator Totals Tesla in LA Drowsy Driving Crash

emergency vehiclesLate last week, rapper Tyler the Creator dramatically demonstrated the danger of driving while drowsy when he totaled his new Tesla. The crash took place late Wednesday, October 24, 2018. Luckily no one was hurt in the serious crash, but another vehicle also sustained damage.

The 27-year-old rapper, record producer, and music video director, whose given name is Tyler Okonma, crashed his Tesla Model X into a parked car near the campus of UCLA. He reported that he hit the parked car, a Honda CR-V, with such force that it was launched 50 feet down the road. Tyler reported that he left his information for the owner of the Honda. There have been no arrests reported.

Drowsy driving to blame in crash

Shortly after the accident, Tyler posted a since-deleted selfie on Instagram in which he explained that he usually goes to sleep at 10:30 at night and wakes up at 7 a.m. every morning but the night of the crash, he stayed up “super late” to finish working on some music and dozed off for a few seconds while driving home. He noted that he did not have a scratch on him.

Tyler also took the opportunity to credit Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk for his escaping the crash scratch-free, writing, “I calmly jumped out the back and called the people. thanks elon for the excessive airbags u a qt. good day sir,”

Prevalence of drowsy driving accidents

The CDC had identified drowsy driving as a serious risk for drivers’ safety and the safety of others on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s conservative estimates, each year from 2005 to 2009, drowsy drivers caused 83,00 crashes, 37,000 of which involved injuries, and 886 of which involved fatalities. However, it noted that up to 6,000 fatal crashes each year may actually be caused by drowsy drivers.

The problem is common among adults; of those age 18 and older who were surveyed, approximately 1 out of 25 admitted that they had fallen asleep behind the wheel during the past 30 days. Falling asleep of course prevents a driver from navigating. But even driving drowsy can slow reaction time and impair decision-making. Always pull off the road if you experience signs of drowsy driving, like drifting into another lane, missing an exit, or hitting a rumble strip.

Who is responsible for a drowsy driver accident in Southern California

California follows a negligence-based system. This means a driver whose carelessness or recklessness causes your accident will be liable for the damages it causes. The can include the cost of medical bills, lost wages, lost companionship, pain and suffering, and lost property.

If you have been involved in a drowsy driver accident in Southern California, call today to speak with a Los Angeles drowsy driving accident attorney at Ellis Injury Law. We are committed to helping injury victims recover from those responsible. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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Don’t Drive Sleep-Deprived: How to Stay Alert Behind the Wheel

Man driving car and falling asleep at the wheelThe average American sleeps 6.8 hours per night, and 40% of Americans get fewer than six hours of sleep each night. That’s according to Forbes, which points out that America wasn’t always so sleep deprived. In 1910, nine hours a night was the average sleep time for Americans. But with long work schedules, 24/7 connectivity, and stress galore, America has become a nation of sleep-deprived folks. That’s bad news for anyone who drives or rides on the roadways.

Sleep deprivation behind the wheel

It’s been estimated that up to 6,000 fatal car accidents each year are caused by drowsy drivers. It’s important to note that a drowsy driver doesn’t have to fall asleep behind the wheel to cause an accident. Drowsiness decreases reaction time and alertness, and impairs judgment—all of which are major contributors to crashes. A car crash can happen in a matter of mere seconds. Even a momentary lapse in alertness can be catastrophic.

If that doesn’t convince you to get a full night’s sleep, consider the latest study in the medical journal SLEEP. It presents research that indicates people who sleep for fewer than seven hours a night have an increased risk of causing an accident. Drivers who sleep for six, five, or four hours have a 1.3, 1.9, or 2.9 times the risk of being responsible for a crash, respectively.

The researchers also found that drivers who slept for fewer than four hours had a higher risk of getting into a single-car crash. While single-car crashes don’t harm other drivers on the road, these are the most likely type to result in debilitating injuries and death.

The best way to stay alert behind the wheel

The absolute best way to stay alert behind the wheel is to get at least seven hours of sleep every single night (but preferably eight or nine hours). There is no substitute for quality, uninterrupted sleep. If you find yourself getting drowsy, it’s time to pull over. Other helpful strategies are as follows:

  • Use the buddy system: Pull over every two hours and switch drivers. The non-driver can take a nap.
  • Plan your trip wisely: Avoid driving between midnight and 6:00 am.
  • Chew gum.
  • Sip cold water frequently.
  • Keep the car’s temperature cool.
  • Listen to a comedy podcast instead of rhythmical tunes.

If you find your eyelids getting heavy, no amount of laughter, cold water, or chewing gum will help. Pull over—you just might save a life.

Car crash lawyers serving southern California

No matter how careful you are behind the wheel, you can’t control the behaviors of other drivers. And if you’ve been struck by a drowsy driver, you need legal guidance you can rely on. Turn to the Los Angeles car crash lawyers at Ellis Injury Law. During our years of serving the southern California region, we’ve recovered over $350 million in settlements for our clients. Our attorneys and support staff are committed to protecting your legal rights in and out of the courtroom. Call us today to request a free consultation.

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Who Is Responsible When Road Construction Causes an Accident?

traffic barricades and road work ahead signIn southern California, we all know the delays and traffic jams caused by road construction. Repair, maintenance, and construction of roads all need to be done. But the effect on traffic patterns and commute times can be enormous, and can last for months.

Assessing Negligence in a Road Construction-Related Crash

But what if road construction causes an accident? A sudden necessity for merging lanes, cones and barriers, construction crew directions and more can cause an uptick in traffic accidents — in fact, road construction areas are a frequent site of car accidents. Vehicles can collide with each other, hit the barriers and cones, or hit the debris that often goes along with road construction.

Negligence in road construction-caused accidents is determined the same way as negligence in other car crashes.

First, both construction crews and the governments who employ them and motorists all have a duty of care, which is the first step is possible negligence. Construction crews and governments have an obligation to follow standard rules in setting up construction areas, and making those rules clear and consistent to motorists. Vehicle drivers must follow the rules and obey other rules and regulations of the road, such as speed limits and right-of-way.

Second, negligence can be charged if responsible parties breached their duty of care. If construction crews and the governments who employ them will negligent in setting up clear directions as part of the construction site, in lane merges and detours, for example, they could be deemed negligent in a court of law.

But motorists, of course, also can breach their duty of care. If a driver is going too fast for the work zone, for example, or fails to merge safely, or doesn’t follow the construction crew signs on when to stop, they can fully or partly responsible for the accident.

Gathering Crash Evidence

While construction on the roads isn’t always to blame for accidents, there are multiple ways in which it can contribute to accidents. These include:

  • Negligent traffic control in the construction zone
  • Confusing lane markings
  • Debris, equipment, or construction vehicles in the way of traffic lanes
  • Poor visibility
  • Unsafe lane merges
  • Inconsistent or unmarked traffic patterns

If any of these or other conditions existed on the road construction site, they may have caused or contributed to your accident.

As a result, if you are in a collision in a road construction site or due to road construction, it’s a very good idea to consult an attorney immediately. Attorneys can perform investigations and gather evidence about the conditions that caused or contributed to your accident.

Need a Los Angeles Car Crash Lawyer?

If you or someone close to you has been in an accident at a road construction site, call the L.A. car crash lawyers at Ellis Law Corporation. We are seasoned in handling all issues related to car accidents, and work with experienced investigators.

Contact us today for a free appointment, at 1-800-INJURED.

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Electric Scooter Accidents: The Hidden Dangers

City bike rental system, public kick scooters on the streetIf you live in Southern California, you’ve probably noticed the latest rage in urban transportation – the pay-as-you-go electric scooter. They are convenient, fast and easy to operate, and – best of all—you can find one on just about every street corner. E-scooters are marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to cars for short distance travel, and at just $1 a pop, they are incredibly affordable to boot. Simply download the app, locate your nearest scooter, press a button and you’re zooming around city streets at 15 mph.

At present, the Santa Monica-based Bird heads the market in rentable electric scooters. Like other start-ups in this industry, Bird absolves itself of all liability in the event of an accident, property damage or losses.

E-scooters are no safer than mopeds, and many who ride them treat them more as toys, ignoring road rules and putting passersby at risk. In addition, most riders forego helmets or protective gear, a factor that increases the chances of serious accident-related injuries. Earlier this year a Los Angeles woman broke her arm in two places in an electric scooter accident. She later discovered that her car insurance policy wouldn’t cover her medical costs, an important detail buried in most rental’s fine print.

Doctors are reporting an uptick in serious injuries stemming from electric scooter accidents. Skull fractures, traumatic brain injury, concussions and deep lacerations are among the most common. Besides potholes, unwary drivers and pedestrians, there are many potential hazards that can cause a catastrophic accident.

Why electric scooters are dangerous

The electric scooter holds great appeal for residents and tourists alike. But there are many hidden dangers to consider:

  • There is no licensing or training required, meaning inexperienced and sometimes ill-equipped riders
  • E-scooters have a smaller profile than bicycles and are less visible to drivers
  • Road hazards like uneven pavement, gravel and potholes can undermine stability and increase crash risk
  • Collisions with cars expose riders to severe injury since there is no barrier or safety harness
  • Mechanical malfunction like failed brakes or throttle have been reported

In the greater Los Angeles area, reports of electric scooter accidents have prompted growing safety concerns. According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, a young woman operating an E-scooter made by Bird was injured when she struck a moving car at an intersection. She suffered moderate head trauma in what was one of the first reported scooter crashes California.

Ellis Law represents those injured in electric scooter accidents, whether caused by negligent drivers, distracted pedestrians, road hazards or a scooter malfunction. Our veteran personal injury lawyers conduct in-depth investigations and help victims secure maximum compensation from liable parties.

E-scooter accident attorneys in LA

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Ellis Law Corporation has procured more than $350 million on behalf of clients over the years and is passionate about protecting the rights of personal injury victims throughout California.

If you or someone you love was hurt in an electric scooter accident, call our offices for a free, no-obligation case review with car accident lawyers in Los Angeles.

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How Trick or Treaters Can Stay Safe on Halloween

Little children in Halloween costumesFor a child, Halloween is an exciting time to get dressed up and acquire as much sugary loot as possible. But for parents, Halloween can be a bit scary. They know that, in the midst of the goblins and witches roaming the streets lurks a real danger: The potential for pedestrian accidents. Compared to other days of the year, twice as many young pedestrians are killed on Halloween. That’s according to Safe Kids Worldwide, which also notes that about 12% of kids five years of age and younger are allowed to go trick or treating without their parents.

How old is old enough to go out alone?

One of the most effective ways to keep your child safe on Halloween is to go out trick or treating together. You know your child best. Consider your child’s maturity level and awareness of traffic hazards when deciding how old is old enough for your child to go out without you. Generally, it’s recommended that all kids ages 12 and younger be accompanied by an adult.

How can parents choose the safest possible costumes?

There are a lot of safety hazards to consider when choosing a Halloween costume, including flammability and whether toxic materials are a concern. But in terms of traffic safety, the number one consideration is visibility. Choose a costume with lighter colors and add reflective tape. You can also give your child a glow stick, but only if your child is old enough not to bite it. Hundreds of children have been treated in the ER for ingesting the fluid inside glow sticks. Another option is a string of blinking LED lights that is intended to be worn around the neck.

Talking about traffic safety with your child

Before every Halloween, sit down with your child for a traffic safety talk. No matter how old your child is or whether you’re going out together, your child can benefit from being reminded of the potential hazards. Remind your child to always travel on the sidewalks, look both ways before crossing a street, and assume that drivers can’t see them. Your child should also know that Halloween is a prime time for drunk driving. Even if your child is crossing at a red light, your child must wait for an approaching car to completely stop—just in case the driver is impaired and runs the stop light.

What to do next if your child was injured

The serious injury of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. Always rush your child to the ER or call 911 right away. Even if your child insists that he or she isn’t seriously injured, there could be internal injuries that you can’t detect.

When the dust has settled and you’re starting to think about holding the responsible party accountable for their negligent or reckless actions, Ellis Injury Law is here to help. Our car accident lawyers in Los Angeles are seasoned litigators who routinely handle pedestrian accident lawsuits. We can help your family move forward from the accident by seeking compensation on your behalf. Call today 888-675-8254 to request a free consultation.

Additional resources for pedestrian safety on Halloween:

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Safety Tips for Driving at Night

high-speed movement on the night road

It’s no secret that driving at night is inherently more dangerous than daytime driving. There are a few reasons for this. Fatigue and falling asleep behind the wheel are a major cause of car wrecks. Visibility is also poor. And there’s a greater likelihood of driving in the proximity of another driver who is impaired by alcohol or other drugs. If you’re too tired to drive, be safe and call a cab or an Uber instead. It just might save your life.

Reduce your speed

Your ability to judge distance and your ability to react can both be impaired at night due to fatigue and poor visibility. You can partially compensate for this impairment by reducing your speed. If it’s raining or the roads are icy, then you should reduce your speed substantially.

Improve visibility at night

If your windshield is dirty, it might worsen glare from headlights at night. Always keep your windshield cleaner fluid topped off and fix the washer pump right away if it breaks. Remember to replace your windshield wipers as soon as they start deteriorating. Periodically, clean the inside of your windshield or get your car detailed.

Your headlights can also get dirty, potentially increasing glare for other drivers and affecting your own visibility. Use a special headlight cleaner kit for those.

Look for reflected light

Even if your headlights and windshield are clean, it’s difficult to spot animals on the road. Large animals like deer can do considerable damage to your vehicle if you hit them. Get into the habit of scanning the sides of the road ahead of your car. Look for animals’ eyes, which will reflect light from your headlights back at you. Remember that deer often travel in groups. If a deer crosses the road ahead of your car, wait a few extra seconds before driving through in case there are stragglers.

Use your high beams with caution

Some drivers avoid using high beams at all because they’ll have to switch them back to low beams when a car approaches from the opposite direction. But high beams are an excellent way to stay safer on less traveled roads. Just remember to switch back to low beams promptly when you see someone else’s headlights.

Don’t stare at oncoming headlights

When you’re fatigued, it can be easy to become transfixed by the headlights of oncoming cars—even if you know it’s not good to stare at them. Get into the habit of looking down and to the right when a car approaches. You can use the lane markings to keep your car centered in the lane while you’re looking down.

Steps to take after a car wreck in southern California

Car wreck cases aren’t always straightforward. And even if you think the insurance settlement is reasonable, it might not cover all of your medical expenses and other losses stemming from the accident. After a crash, you need the knowledge and legal representation of a seasoned car wreck lawyer in LA. Call Ellis Injury Law at 888-828-5603 to request your free consultation. We never charge a fee unless we recover money for you, and there’s no obligation.

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