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Empty Streets Lead to 87% Spike in Speeding Citations

open road

According to the California Highway Patrol, officers have reported an 87 percent uptick in citations for speeding in excess of 100 mph. Law enforcement attributes the increase in reckless driving as a direct result of California’s stay-at-home orders, which have been in effect to varying degrees for the past six months.

More speeding drivers, higher risk of serious accidents

Compared to this time last year, officials say the traffic volume is down at least 35 percent, and these wide open roads have proven too tempting for dozens of speeding motorists.

The California Highway Patrol issued 2,493 tickets for excess speed in the months after shelter-in-place orders were issued this March. To put this figure into perspective, CHP issued only 1,335 tickets for speeding over 100 mph last year during this same period.

The number of citations for ‘excessive speed’ has been alarming given the dire consequences of an accident. Motorists who drive at speeds of more than 70 mph are at a much higher risk of suffering severe, life-threatening injuries should a crash occur, and the chance of fatalities is also higher.

The 700+ electronic highway signs in California have been programmed to display safety reminders such as “If you must travel do not speed.” Authorities remain hopeful that California motorists will heed these precautions and follow posted speed limits, as dangerously high speeds jeopardize the lives of road construction workers and maintenance crews, as well as other drivers.

What to do after an auto accident

If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident through no fault of your own, you have a right to pursue compensation for your injuries. Don’t expect insurance claims adjusters to treat you fairly, because their number one goal is to keep claim payouts as small as possible. Hiring a trusted Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you obtain the money damages deserved for your injuries, medical expenses, and other losses.

When another motorist causes a wreck, follow these steps to protect your rights:

  • Call 911
  • Seek medical attention
  • Get a copy of the police report
  • Get photos of the accident scene and damage to both vehicles
  • Inform your insurance provider
  • Do not discuss your injuries with anyone except your doctors and legal counsel
  • Refrain from posting on social media during the accident investigations
  • Keep all medical records and follow treatment protocols
  • Do not allow insurance adjusters to record or take down a statement

Powerful legal advocacy after a car accident

You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s reckless behavior behind the wheel. Whether another motorist was speeding, texting, or just being negligent, Ellis Injury Law offers the experience and resources you need to get compensated.  

Our team of highly-skilled attorneys will conduct independent investigations and fight for maximum damages. Andy Ellis and his associates have secured more than $350 million for clients, and we are eager to put our knowledge and dedication to work for you. Call our Los Angeles office to request a free case evaluation with our team. There is no cost to you, and we never collect a penny unless we win money damages on your behalf.

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BMW SUV Plummets Two Stories, Lands Upside Down on Another Car in Beverly Center Parking Garage

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

A white BMW SUV fell two stories from the Beverly Connection parking garage on February 20, landing upside down on another car. The BMW’s driver was transported to Cedars-Sinai hospital, where his injuries were reported as non-life-threatening. The driver of the other car, a silver Nissan, was shaken but unhurt. Two dogs with her in the Nissan were also uninjured.

Neither driver was identified. The Beverley Connection is across from the Beverly Center at 100 N La Cienega Blvd. The crash occurred at 1:20 p.m., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

One witness was quoted as saying “I saw it! It was like the movies — a car flying through the air.” Fire department officials said a witness called in to report the accident.

Cause of Accident Unclear

The cause of the accident was unclear. Los Angeles Police Department officials pointed out that the parking garage has concrete barriers and restraining cables to keep cars from driving over the edge. But the height of the barriers and strength of the cables was obviously insufficient to keep the car from driving over the edge of the parking structure.

Observers speculated that the driver may have accidentally hit the accelerator rather than the brakes or may have experienced a medical episode that caused him to drive forward despite the barriers.

The restraining cables were hung with yellow caution tape and appeared to be stretched and droop. The affected section of the structure was closed, but other sections remained open.

Several parking garage users noted that the ability of the barriers and cables to maintain safety was at issue and concerned them.

Management of the parking structure had no immediate comment to reporters.

Liability in a Car Accident

The parties responsible for an accident can be liable for injuries if their responsibility stems from negligence. Negligence is the failure to exercise a reasonable standard of care or a duty of care owed to the public.

For car drivers, driving safely and obeying the law constitutes a duty of care. For parking structure owners, ensuring safe premises constitutes a duty of care.

Ascertaining negligence always requires evidence about what caused an accident, and in this case, the causes are not known.

How a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one has been in a Los Angeles area car accident, we can help you fight for justice. We work with experienced investigators to determine the cause of an accident and fight to see that you receive the highest damages award possible.

Please call today at 1-800-INJURED to discuss your case with a seasoned Los Angeles car accident attorney at Ellis Law Corporation. Our initial consultation is always free.

Additional Resources:

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Car Plows Into Anaheim Homeowners’ Front Yard

emergency vehicles

An apparent two-car collision on February 6 caused one car to end up on an Anaheim home’s doorstep after breaking through an ornamental brick wall in the front yard. The other car landed on the sidewalk. One person was shown being transported to the hospital in news footage. The other driver was uninjured.

Police believe that a minimum of two cars crashed at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Rome Avenue at around 10:45 p.m. The home’s residents were home and watching television when they heard a loud crash. The residents were unharmed.

Both vehicles sustained noticeable damage.

Anaheim police are still investigating the causes of the crash. No arrests were made.

Car Accidents and Property Damage

What happens in accidents of this type, where a party who was not directly involved in the crash suffers losses? Well, a property owner or other affected person can bring a lawsuit for property damage against the at-fault party.

The at-fault party is considered “negligent” if they were not operating the vehicle with the ordinary standard of care a prudent person would have used. If they are negligent, they can be liable for both property damage and personal injury caused by the car accident.

Homeowners who were effectively innocent bystanders should not have to pay out of their own pocket to repair damage to their home and yard. The at-fault party’s car insurance should pay, in a third-party claim.

If necessary, an attorney can help you negotiate with the insurance company so that your damages are paid by the at-fault party. If necessary, a personal injury lawsuit can also be brought against an at-fault party and an insurance company.

What Do I Need to Bring a Claim?

If you are in an accident that injures someone, kills someone, or causes $1,000 or more in property damage, California law requires that you report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days.

The accident report provides important evidence of how the accident happened. In this case, and in many cases, the police filed a report. The police report also provides important evidence about the cause of accidents.

Let a Southern California Car Accident Attorney Help

If you or a loved one has been in a Los Angeles area car accident, we can help. Please call today at 1-800-INJURED to discuss your case with an experienced and successful LA car accident lawyer. Our initial consultation is always free.

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Los Angeles Officials Plead With Drivers To Stop Texting

Despite Los Angeles County’s bold Vision Zero initiative, whose goals include eliminating deaths due to traffic accidents, the number of traffic deaths remains very high in Los Angeles.

LAPD: Plan Can’t Be Achieved as Long as Drivers Use Cell Phones

Los Angeles County officials have been criticized sharply for the relative failure of the plan. But police department officials believe that the widespread use of cellphones contributes to the problem – and that the problem of traffic deaths can’t be stopped until cellphone use in vehicles stops.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore recently called for drivers to stop texting and using their smartphones as they drive. They may be “driving 30, 40, 50 mph … put their head down to pick up a text or handle a call, and they move 100 yards, and they drive over someone,” he said at a news conference, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Moreover, they are modeling unsafe driving practices for the next generation, according to Moore, who noted such drivers are “teaching a generation of children today in the back seat what to do with that cellphone.”

Traffic Fatalities Remain High Despite Vision Zero

In 2019, Los Angeles saw 244 traffic fatalities, a drop of just 0.8% from the prior year. Nineteen were biking and 134 were pedestrians.

Since Vision Zero began five years ago, traffic fatalities have actually climbed one-third. In the first year of the initiative, 2016, the number of deaths actually went up significantly, from 183 to 253.

The launch of Vision Zero set several benchmarks: a 20% fall in traffic deaths in 2017 and a 50% decrease by 2020. Unless fatalities in 2020 drop 100 from 2019 levels, that won’t be reached.

In addition to urging people not to urge cellphones, Los Angeles has put energy and effort into other methods of reducing traffic deaths, including modifying streets, including crosswalks, traffic signals, and intersections to make traffic patterns safer.

Pedestrians represent a high proportion of people killed in Los Angeles – 55% last year and 40% in 2015, versus representing just 8% of those involved in collisions.

A Southern California Car Accident Lawyer Can Fight for Justice

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident or other traffic accident that has caused injuries or death, you don’t need to be told that Vision Zero is not working as planned. That is especially true if the accident was caused by a driver texting or using a cellphone in other ways while driving. Make no mistake: using a cellphone for any purpose while driving is against the law in California, unless it is a hands-free phone that is voice-operated.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in any type of traffic accident in Los Angeles, let Ellis Law Corporation fight to see that justice is done, as we have been doing for over two decades.

Please call today for a free initial appointment to discuss your case with an experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Additional Resources:

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Car Accidents Versus Traffic Violence: Which Language Is More Accurate?

Destroyed windshield and front part of car after accident.

Despite efforts to reduce traffic accidents in the Los Angeles area, the number of accidents registered in 2019 appears to be about the same as the number in 2018 – evidence that the Vision Zero initiative, aimed at reducing traffic accidents to minimal levels, is not working as expected. Pedestrians were the victims in over 50% of fatal accidents in Los Angeles as of December 2019.

Yet the statistics have spurred an intriguing debate: is the way in which we speak of traffic accidents part of the problem? The word “accident” implies something that couldn’t be avoided. But some observers prefer the term “traffic violence,” especially when the victims are pedestrians or bicyclists hit by cars.

70% of Accidents Occur on 6% of Streets

“Accident” implies a random event. Yet the blunt fact is that 70% of serious and fatal accidents involving cars and pedestrians happen on just 6% of Los Angeles’s streets. This high-incident zone has been dubbed the High-Injury Network. The frequency and prevalence of serious accidents in the High-Injury Zone is not random; it’s predictable and mappable. This is why many observers feel that “accident” doesn’t cover the nature of what is happening.

Some also argue that to refer to car crashes as “accidents” makes it seem as if no one is ever at fault and that nothing can be done to prevent them.

The term “traffic violence” aims to turn the focus on the actions of drivers. The number one culprit in LA accidents is speeding. Some observers quoted in LAist note that speeding and other traffic violations need to be viewed as potentially violent acts – because, in the context of LA’s streets, they are. The shift in emphasis is not unlike what we have seen in regard to driving under the influence, which over the last four decades went from harmless party-related activity to a potentially criminal act with severe penalties.

A Different Perspective on Solutions

“Traffic violence” also shifts the notion of what can be done to prevent traffic incidents. Street design, traffic signals, and other potentially modifiable elements can be addressed to minimize the possibility of traffic violence. A decade ago, for example, the Federal Highway Administration found that HAWK pedestrian beacons can reduce accidents with pedestrians by almost 70%.

Other people, however, take issue with the term “traffic violence,” feeling that it implies that vehicle drivers set out to do violence. This is a crucial point of contention; some feel that a driver whose car hits a pedestrian should not necessarily be accused of an intentional act. Others quoted in LAist, however, say that the actions that led to the accident, such as speeding, were intentional. A choice was made to violate the speed limit. Others widen the scope of intentionality even more broadly, to include the design of city infrastructure that focuses exclusively on the demands of vehicle traffic rather than walkability.

Let a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Help

Whether you use the term “accident” or “traffic violence,” car crashes and pedestrian injuries and deaths continue to be a serious problem in Los Angeles. If you or a loved one has been in a southern California traffic accident, let Ellis Injury Law help you fight for justice. 

Please call today for a free initial appointment to discuss your case with an experienced and compassionate Los Angeles car accident attorney.

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Soulja Boy Involved in Mudslide-Related Car Accident

Flooded road in San Mateo County, California February 2017

Rapper and record producer Soulja Boy was recently involved in a frightening car accident caused by mudslides in California. The accident happened on Saturday, January 5, when torrential downpours swept southern California just before the Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles. Few details about the accident are available; however, it appears that Soulja Boy was uninjured.

The rapper tweeted that his car got stuck in the mudslide and “almost went into the ocean.” Later, he explained that his car was still stuck in the flood/mudslide, but that he’s just thankful to be alive. “I don’t care about the car it’s materialistic, you can’t take it with you when you’re gone,” said Soulja Boy on his Instagram page.

Safety precautions pertaining to the flash flood and mudslides

The City of Malibu published several safety warnings on its website in the wake of the flash floods. Residents and motorists were urged to exercise caution. They were warned to watch out for mud, rocks, and debris cluttering the roadways, particularly in the canyon and burn areas. Part of the Pacific Coast Highway was closed to traffic because of the flooding, and part of Mulholland Highway was closed because of the mudslides.

The risks of flash floods and mudslides

As Soulja Boy’s car accident demonstrated, a vehicle can get swept up in the debris of a mudslide in a mere matter of seconds. Flash floods are more likely to cause mudslides in areas that have been affected by wildfires or extensive construction. Other at-risk areas include the following:

  • Areas with a prior history of landslides
  • Channels along rivers and streams
  • Areas subjected to surface runoff (i.e. flash floods)
  • Steep slopes (including areas at the bottom of canyons and slopes)

Landslides and mudslides can cause injury in a number of ways. Injuries may be inflicted directly by the rapidly moving debris. Injuries and illnesses can also occur due to broken electrical, gas, water, and sewage lines that may be swept up in the mudslide. Further complicating the problem is the disruption to local transportation, which may affect the movement of patients to nearby hospitals.

California residents are strongly urged to stay aware of the risks of mudslides during periods of intense rain. Avoid driving or walking near areas that may be subjected to landslides, such as areas along the canyons. If you do become trapped in a mudslide, get out of the path of debris as quickly as possible, and then get to higher ground.

What to do if you’ve been injured in flooding or mudslides

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash due to heavy rains or mudslides, you need to take action right away to protect your legal rights. Other drivers may be held negligible for reckless actions, or municipalities may be at fault for defective design or maintenance of the roadways. Let the car accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law put our extensive investigative resources to work on your behalf. Call us today at 888-744-0191 for your free case consultation. We never collect a fee unless we secure compensation for you.

Additional resources:

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Crossing Guard Killed in Simi Valley Crash

emergency vehiclesA crossing guard died in Simi Valley on December 18 after being hit by a vehicle that jumped the curb after a collision involving 3 cars. The woman, 62, was apparently setting up safety equipment to help children cross the street at about 2 p.m. near the intersection of Los Angeles Avenue and Socrates Avenue when the accident occurred. She was taken immediately to a local hospital and died shortly after arrival.

The crossing guard’s name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. Neighbors noted, however, that she was a vibrant woman who had recently retired and was simply helping out a coworker that day.

Second Accident in Area Involving a Crossing Guard During Year

The accident occurred near Arroyo Elementary School in Simi Valley. The Simi Valley Police Department is still investigating the causes of the accident. Tire tracks of the blue Chevy Cruz that jumped the curb were visible on the lawn where the guard was struck.

The Simi Valley Unified School District issued a reminder that drivers need to drive safely in and around the neighborhood’s schools.

This is the second accident involved a crossing guard this year in the school district. The first victim survived.

Police have asked that anyone with information concerning the crash, including videos or other images, contact them.

If You Want to Talk to a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents like this in the Los Angeles area show how dangerous car accidents can be both to motorists and pedestrians. People can be injured or killed by direct collisions, the choices of other drivers, and even while being a bystander to an accident.

The Ellis Law Firm has two decades of experience in investigating and litigating car accidents in Southern California. If you want to discuss your car accident or pedestrian accident, call a car accident lawyer at Ellis Injury Law at 310-641-3335 today.

All initial consultations are free.

Additional Resources:

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Hundreds of Crashes Occur in Los Angeles Area Due to Heavy Rains

rain on windshieldLast week’s storm system and heavy rains hit southern California hard, causing an extraordinarily high number of traffic accidents. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), an astonishing 365 accidents were reported in Los Angeles County between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Thursday, November 29, more than four times as many as occur when conditions are not wet.

The high number of accidents were undoubtedly exacerbated by the rain-wet roads, the fact that many residents of the Los Angeles area are not used to driving in heavy rain, and the timing of the storm, which hit during peak commuter hours.

If you crashed during the heavy rains in southern California last week, may sure you take full advantage of the compensation that is owed to you for damages, losses, medical bills and lost work time. Call an experienced LA car accident lawyer at Ellis Law Corporation today!

Truck accidents caused extensive road closings

The CHP and local police issued multiple bulletins throughout the day on Twitter and other social media, reminding drivers that wet conditions don’t cause accidents – how people drive in wet conditions do. Motorists were urged to drive slowly, use their lights and wipers, and be extremely cautious vis-à-vis other drivers.

In addition to rain, the storm also brought higher than normal gusts of wind.

As accidents piled up, including accidents with big rigs, which can extend across lanes, roads closed on the 101, 118 and 134 for periods of time.

Rain Causes Mud Slides in Fire-Ravaged Districts

Throughout California, the rain and wind storm complicated the effects of recent devastating fires. Once land is burned, there is no longer vegetation to hold the land in place, and drenched earth can become a mudslide or flow of debris very easily.

Unfortunately, debris flows and mudslides occurred all over the Southland, trapping motorists and endangering residents. Roads were closed and residents ordered to evacuate in parts of Malibu. Debris flows were reported in Orange and Riverside counties. Schools were closed and residents had to be evacuated.

Mud and debris also were feared to contain potential health problems. State and local health officials urged residents to avoid beach water. Because of the runoff from fire debris and mudslides, the water could be filled with chemicals, bacteria, debris, trash, and other substances dangerous to public health.

A mudslide covered several vehicles in San Bernardino County and caused CHP to close certain portions of Highway 38.

In San Bernardino County’s Forest Falls, vehicles were trapped by a mudslide, prompting the California Highway Patrol to close Highway 38 between Sugar Pine Circle and Valley of the Falls Drive. In the Santa Barbara area, coin-sized hail was reported.

Did You Crash During the Heavy Rains in Los Angeles? Call Ellis Law Corporation

Rain, wind, fire debris, and mudslides caused hundreds of car accidents in our area recently. If you or someone close to you has been involved in one of these accidents in the Los Angeles area, attorneys at Ellis Law Corporation can help. We have been successfully fighting for the rights of people injured in car accidents in southern California for more than 20 years. You can trust in our track record: We win 99% of the cases we take on!

Contact us today for a free appointment at 310-641-3335.

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Keep Your Teen Driver Safe on the Road

teens texting and driving

Handing a teen the keys to the family car is a hallmark experience; watching a child exercise mobility is often exciting yet tempered with anxiety over the dangers they may encounter. Unfortunately, parents have plenty of reason to be worried about their teens driving. Car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths, and in 2015, six teens died in traffic accidents every day. However, parents are also in the best position to influence their teenagers in ways that can keep them safe on the road.Here are some safe driving habits to instill in teen drivers:

Obey the speed limit

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speed was a factor in nearly one out of three teen driver fatalities in 2016. Teach teens that they do not need to keep up with traffic that is going too fast; it not only reduces the likelihood of an accident, but reduces the chances of getting a ticket that could affect driving record and insurance premiums.

Drive alone

A teen driving with one other teen in the car is two and a half times more likely to be involved in a crash than a teen driving alone, and the chances of an accident increase dramatically with each additional teen you add to the vehicle. Teach your children that the vehicle is not the place to socialize so they should leave their friends at home.

Never drive while drunk or impaired

Teens are the most likely group to be killed by drunk driving; nearly 20% of teen drivers killed in 2016 had been drinking. Since the legal drinking age in all states is 21, there are far too many underage teens drinking. Many also do not understand the impairment caused by both prescription and illicit drugs. Discuss the physical risks of driving while impaired, including the danger to self and others, as well as the long-term consequences including criminal prosecution, negative driving record, lost scholarship opportunities, and serious reputation damage.

Do not text behind the wheel

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, nearly 40% of teenagers surveyed admitted to sending text messages or emails from behind the wheel in the preceding month. Even though texting while driving is illegal in California, about 32% of CA teenage drivers surveyed confirmed they drive while sending messages. Research shows that sending a text message takes the driver’s eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, which is long enough to drive the length of a football field. Unsurprisingly, texted makes a driver 23 times more likely to crash.

Safe driving in southern California

Southern California is known for its sun, sand, and traffic. Modeling safe, distraction-free driving habits as you navigate the CA roadways is the number one way to ensure safe driving by your teens. If you are injured in an accident with a distracted driver, speak with a Los Angeles texting and driving accident lawyer at Ellis Injury Law today to find out about your rights.

Additional teen driving safety resources:

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Heavy Rains and Mudslides in Southern CA Could Lead to Accidents

Flooded road in San Mateo County, California February 2017A major storm is expected to hit southern California on Thursday and Friday, causing heavy rainfall, mudslides, debris flows and flash flooding in areas that are burn-scarred from recent wildfires. This seriously inclement weather will create hazardous conditions on the roads in and around Los Angeles, and drivers are urged to take extra caution and only get behind the wheel if absolutely necessary. Some roads and bridges in Orange County may become impassable. Gusty winds of up to 50 mph are also expected to make driving difficult, especially for vehicles with high profiles.

The heaviest rainfall is expected late Thursday morning and during the commute home on Thursday evening. In some areas, up to six inches of snow is also expected.

Residents in areas hit by wildfires should also be on the lookout for debris-flow runout, which could be carrying hazardous materials that county and state officials have yet to remove from recently burned-out properties.

If you or a loved one suffer injury or loss due to mudslides, debris flow, floods or motor vehicle accidents during periods of heavy rain in LA, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County or elsewhere in southern California, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. Call Ellis Law Corporation for a free case review!

Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for areas affected by the Woolsey Fire and Holy Fire, including parts of Riverside County’s Lake Elsinore. Further evacuation orders could be issued in areas like Malibu, where power outages, mudslides and floods are anticipated.

Up to 3 inches of rain is expected in the foothills and areas of high elevation. Some areas where flood warnings have been issued include Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Malibu Creek State Park, Woodland Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas, and Oak Park. According to a National Weather Service statement, “Hourly rainfall rates in stronger showers and isolated thunderstorms could approach one-half to one inch in an hour. This could lead to mudslides and debris flows at recent burn scars.”

Additional resources on LA heavy rains and mudslides:

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