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Tips to Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

motorcycle rider in los angeles california
The average cost of motorcycle insurance ranges from $200 to $500. Some of the variance is based on where you live. Accident-prone states like Louisiana, Delaware, and Michigan have higher rates than California, while states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and North Dakota have some of the lowest rates. Depending on... Read more »

Mazda Recall Alerts: Airbags and Power Steering Issues

mazda airbag inflator recall
Mazda has announced the following recalls in September 2017: Wiring issue: Recall covers Mazda 6 sedans for model years 2015-2016. Wiring under the front passenger seat can rub up against welding debris causing the wires to short knocking our power steering and passenger air bag. More than 60,000 vehicles are... Read more »

Fatal Big Rig Crash blocks I-580 Eden Canyon Road

fatal big rig crash block I-580
A pair of 18 wheeler rigs collided Thursday on Interstate 580 blocking traffic for 10 hours or more on the westbound side. California Highway Patrol reported a black sedan had struck one of the trucks which impaired the steering of the vehicle. The first tractor trailer had come to a... Read more »

Big Rig Tanker Crash Closes Southbound I-5

Big rig tanker crash and spill I5
Two big rigs collided Thursday in the southbound lanes on Interstate 5 about 2:30 pm. The California Highway Patrol reported a truck carrying asphalt was rear ended by a truck carrying paper at Grapevine Road. Asphalt then spilled onto the road and ignited engulfing the truck in flames and causing... Read more »

Update: 9 Injured in Van Crash into LA Restaurant

The recent Sunday afternoon collision that sent the van careening into a group of people eating outdoors at a popular LA restaurant was described as a dramatic scene. Diners bleeding, some with broken limbs caught under the van and pieces of furniture.  The men and five women were taken to... Read more »