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Pandemic Fuels Rise in E-Bikes… But Are They Dangerous?

Electric bicycles, also known as “E-bikes,” are among the fastest-growing category of two-wheeled transportation, beating pedal bikes and scooters. COVID-19 has given them an even greater boost in sales, with a 140% increase in e-bike purchases during the pandemic. The American market for E-bikes is expected to reach $23 billion... Read more »

How COVID-19 Has Affected the California Court System

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive backlogs and delays in the California legal system, civil courts are active and injury victims and their families are encouraged to reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer to start moving their case forward. Remote hearings and electronic depositions can expedite the... Read more »

Delta Flight 89 Dumps Jet Fuel on L.A. Schools, Injuring 60

In an almost unimaginable scenario, children playing at recess at Los Angeles area schools were doused in jet fuel after a Delta flight experienced engine trouble shortly after take-off. Long-term health effects may persist for those exposed to the fuel, entitling parents and their children to pursue their legal right... Read more »

A Pedestrian Dies Every 90 Minutes in America

pedestrian accidents increasing in california
Pedestrian fatalities have dropped by over a third in places like the European Union and Japan, where cars are designed to produce less damage to pedestrians. Here, in America, the numbers have been climbing since 2010. Nearly 40,000 pedestrians died on US roadways from 2010-2017. The death toll is expected... Read more »