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3 Ways Poor Lighting Can Cause an Injury

Business man falling down set of stairs.
There are infinite ways a person can sustain injuries, from plane crashes to sports collisions. But did you know that a simple lightbulb, or the lack thereof, can also cause injuries? Installing adequate lighting is an easy way to improve the safety of any home, office building, or nursing home,... Read more »

Suspected Street Race Kills Two in Mid-City Area

LA ambulance
A young man and woman were both pronounced dead at the scene of a violent crash in the 3500 block of West Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles. Diego Portillo-Marquez, an 18-year-old man and the driver of the Toyota Scion, and an unidentified woman in her 20s lost their lives in... Read more »

3 Tragic Crane Collapses

Skyscrapers and other big buildings are modern marvels that push the boundaries of engineering capabilities. Plenty of construction projects are executed without major accidents, but all it takes is one mistake around a giant crane to cause the tragic loss of human life. Some of these tragic crane collapses have... Read more »

I Fell at Work: Can I Sue?

Business man falling down set of stairs.
In most cases, falling down and injuring yourself on someone else’s property is covered by premises liability law. You might be able to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the property, if that owner can be found liable for a pre-existing hazardous condition on the property. However,... Read more »

My Child Was Hurt at School: Who Is Liable?

liability in school injuries
School is supposed to be a sanctuary for all students, yet millions of children sustain injuries on school grounds every year. Regardless of how your child was injured, you have the legal right to consult a premises liability lawyer to review the situation. A personal injury lawyer in California can... Read more »

At Least Four Injured in Car-Bus-Train Accident

On Monday, November 27, 2017, several people were injured in a multi-vehicle accident in Sun Valley, California. Few details are known at this time, but investigators have said that the crash took place at around 1:45 a.m. It occurred in the 8200 block of North San Fernando Road, at the... Read more »

Rate of Home Births Escalates in the U.S.

Until 1989, statistics weren’t available regarding the number of American women who chose midwives instead of obstetricians. That year, just three percent of births in the U.S. were overseen by a midwife. Since 1989, the popularity of midwives and home births has grown considerably, though—at nine percent—this trend still represents... Read more »

When Music Kills: A Closer Look at Distracted Walking

walking in the streets of city wearing headphones
In Los Angeles and throughout California, pedestrians who are distracted by their headphones and earphones aren’t as capable of identifying hazards and reacting appropriately. This leads to serious injuries and sometimes, fatalities. The exponential growth of technology incorporated into everyday life has proven hazardous in many ways. Distracted driving accidents... Read more »

Best Apps for Brain Injury Recovery

Moderate to severe brain trauma changes a family in many unexpected ways. Patients can display behavioral changes, personality differences, cognitive impairment, and many other issues that inhibit their self-care abilities and overall independence. A traumatic brain injury lawyer can provide insight and legal counsel to families and individuals that are... Read more »