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3 Amazing Brain Injury Stories

A serious brain injury can derail a person’s life plans, potentially disrupting physical, cognitive, and emotional function, and require the consult of a traumatic brain injury lawyer. There are, however, occasional stories of astounding recovery that serve as a light to those looking for some hope. Here are three worth... Read more »

How to Prove Negligence in a Car Accident Case

4 killed in big rig collision Desert Center
California is among the majority of states when it comes to car accidents – the party at fault is liable (legally responsible) for the damages. Unlike in states that have adopted a no-fault system of compensation for auto accident injuries, injured parties in California must offer proof that the defendant... Read more »

How Do I Appeal a Personal Injury Case?

Premises liability lawyer Los Angeles
Most personal injury lawsuits settle before trial and there is no crystal ball to predict precisely how the trial will go for those few cases that remain. Even if an injured plaintiff has a strong case, an error in a ruling can unfairly benefit the other side and prejudice the jury.... Read more »

Why is Whiplash So Dangerous?

rear impact collision
Whiplash is the most common injury suffered in non-fatal car accidents and its potential seriousness is often overlooked. Many people who experience what at first seems to be a minor whiplash injury may be unaware that serious side effects may not appear immediately and can continue long term. A delay in... Read more »