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3 Ways a Truck Can Total Your Car

Destroyed windshield and front part of car after accident.
18-wheelers weigh up to 30 times more than the average passenger car, tipping the scales at a monstrous 80,000 pounds. The trailer hitched to the powerful truck engine measures 54 feet long — compare that to the typical family car which spans less than 16 feet. There are nearly 6... Read more »

Cypress Park Vehicle Crash Injures 7 People

firefighter with car accident victim
Seven people were injured in a car crash in northern Cypress Park last Friday, reports the Los Angeles Fire Department. The accident involved two passenger vehicles which collided at the intersection on Division Street, close to San Fernando Road. Authorities think the force of the collision pushed a white sedan... Read more »

Multi-Vehicle Crash on 101 Freeway Injures Several

big rig crash I5 california
Downtown Los Angeles was the site of another serious accident when several vehicles collided on the southbound 101, near North Broadway. The multi-vehicle crash involved as many as six vehicles, including an 18-wheeler and, according to early reports, an Uber or Lyft rideshare carrying passengers. The violent freeway accident took... Read more »

4 Great Running Events in Los Angeles

marathon runners, jogging, race
Los Angeles, with its mild weather and beautiful landscapes, has dozens of scenic running trails for those who want some heart pumping exercise. There’s no need for a gym membership when you have access to scenic lakeside paths, rolling coastal roads and countless parks that offer the perfect backdrop for... Read more »

Southern California’s 5 Most Dangerous Highways

truck desert
Los Angeles County again ranks number one in California for having the highest rate of traffic fatalities. In 2016, according to the most recent available data from the National Highway Safety Administration, 3,623 Californians died in motor vehicle accidents. More than 790 of those deaths took place in L.A. County... Read more »

Top 5 Concussion Myths

Concussions are some of the most prevalent injuries seen in sports medicine. They are also some of the most dangerous. Why? Despite significant advances in research and education on concussive injuries, there still remains a lot of misinformation regarding their causes, diagnosis and treatment. A type of mild brain injury,... Read more »

6 Hardest Jobs on a Construction Site

Los Angeles Construction Accident Lawyer
In 2015, 388 workers in California died on the job. This equates to more than one fatality every day of the year. Among all the industries monitored by the California Department of Industrial Relations and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction remains one of the most dangerous. Hazardous workplace... Read more »

How Many People Have Died From Falling Down Stairs?

Business man falling down set of stairs.
According to the most recent data on stairway accidents in the United States, an estimated 12,000 people die from falling down steps each year. Following motor vehicle accidents, falls are the second leading cause of accidental injuries in the home and workplace, and stairs present numerous opportunities for people to... Read more »