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Teen Texting and Driving – A Lethal Combination

Distracted driving is a nationwide epidemic and the streets of Los Angeles have proven particularly rife with danger, with an increase in texting and driving accidents—especially among teenage drivers. Statistics on these preventable accidents in the U.S. are dismal: for every day in 2012, 1,153 people were injured and 9... Read more »

Woman Sues Over Contaminated Diet Pills

According to a recently filed diet pill lawsuit, a New York City woman who took supplements to lose weight ended up with insomnia so severe that she temporarily lost her sanity.  Tests performed on the supplements detected banned and restricted drugs that were not found on the product’s label. In... Read more »

Tragic Forceps Delivery Injury Kills Texas Infant

Baby Olivia Marie Coats survived for only five days after her parents argue that a forceps delivery injury crushed her skull, leading to the little girl’s untimely death. Her parents, both from Texas, plan to sue the attending obstetrician, George T. Backardjiev, who performed a delayed C-section after a grueling... Read more »

Playtex Recalls Defective Baby Pacifier Holders

On January 22, Playtex, a unit of Energizer Holdings, publically announced a product recall. The Playtex pacifier holder recall covers over 1.4 million units distributed through, Wal-Mart and other major retailers from July 2010 to October 2013. The concern is that a small piece of the holder clip could... Read more »