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Artesia Accident Lawyers

Located around 15 miles southeast of Los Angeles proper, Artesia is supposed to be a safe haven away from the big inner city. However, this doesn’t mean that Artesia residents are exempt from the risk of accidents.  

What can you do if you’ve been injured in an accident that was through little or no fault of your own? You can pursue the compensation you’re due in an accident case. Accident cases allow an injured person to sue for monetary compensation for those whose negligent or intentional acts caused the accident that leads to the injury, all with the help of an accident lawyer.  

From slips, trips and falls to car accidents and more, there is a wide range of accidents that can lead to accident cases. The expert Los Angeles accident lawyers at Ellis Injury Law are equipped to handle them all. Our lawyers have the tenacity, drive, and expertise necessary to fight for your rights and help you get the justice you deserve.  

Slip, trip and fall accidents  

Slips, trips and falls are very common accidents and can often lead to accident cases. These kinds of accidents lead to cases when the person who is responsible for a property, whether as an owner or a renter, does not meet his legal responsibility to keep the property free from hazards.  

One potential example of a slip, trip or fall accident case is if a shop owner mops his floor and, when he fails to put out a wet floor sign, a customer slips on the wet floor and gets injured. This is just one example, and there are many other possibilities for these kinds of cases.  

Motor vehicle accidents  

Motor vehicle accidents, like a car, truck, motorcycle, and bus accidents, make up the majority of accident cases. Car crashes are generally because of driver error, such as if the driver was texting while driving, failing to follow the laws of the road, or driving while impaired. If a driver caused an accident that led to you getting injured, you have a right to seek compensation through an accident case.  

Other kinds of accidents that lead to cases  

There are many other kinds of accidents that can lead to cases including: 

  • Workplace accidents  
  • Construction accidents  
  • Pedestrian or bicycle accidents  
  • Uber or Lyft accidents  
  • Unsafe premises  
  • Heavy machinery failures  

Accident cases aren’t just simple accidents or injuries. You can also have a case if you suffered a debilitating or catastrophic injury.  

No matter what kind of accident or injury, you need to seek expert representation right away. The longer you wait to begin your case the harder it will be to get the compensation you deserve.  

Ellis Injury Law  

Accidents happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to seek compensation for your losses when the accident wasn’t your fault.  

Los Angeles accident lawyer from Ellis Injury Law can help you fight for your rights. Our lawyers are dedicated to offering the best possible representation to residents of Artesia and the rest of the Los Angeles area. Call today for a free consultation.