Anaheim Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Anaheim Pedestrian Accident Attorney

In 2018, 240 pedestrians lost their lives on the streets of Los Angeles. Many more were seriously injured or permanently impaired. Southern California is arguably the car capital of the world, and unfortunately, people outside of the car have little protection when hit by a motor vehicle. Those surviving such an accident may take months or years to heal, and may never hold employment or live independently again. If you are in this situation, you need legal advice as soon as possible.  

The Anaheim personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law can help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries. Over the past two decades, our experienced attorneys have recovered more than $350 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients.  

Pedestrian accidents in Anaheim

Every accident is unique, but there are circumstances under which a pedestrian is more likely to become an accident victim. Weather does not play a large role, but more people are struck by motor vehicles at night than during the day. Many pedestrians are more careful when crossing intersections and drivers are typically more aware to look out for pedestrians at intersections, therefore, two-thirds of such accidents do not occur in these locales.  

While anyone is vulnerable to a pedestrian accident, statistically males, children, and older adults make up the bulk of victims. Alcohol or drugs often play roles in such accidents, whether the driver or the pedestrian was under the influence. Even when pedestrians are partly at fault for the accident, such as getting hit while jaywalking, a pedestrian accident lawyer may prove able to assist them. Determining liability is often a complicated factor in these situations, and third parties, such as defective traffic signals maintained by a government agency, may contribute to the accident. If the vehicle was defective, in the event of a public bus accident for example, the manufacturer is frequently accountable.  

Motorists involved in pedestrian accidents may face criminal charges if they were driving while impaired, they were especially reckless, or they left the scene  – as in a hit-and-run. Any criminal proceedings are separate from a civil lawsuit filed by the victim, or in the case of wrongful death, by family members.  

Pedestrian accident damages 

Compensation, or damages, in a pedestrian accident may include: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of future income 
  • Pain and suffering  
  • Emotional distress 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 

Never agree to an insurance settlement before obtaining legal counsel. Insurance companies want to settle claims for as little as possible, and once a settlement is agreed upon, there is no going back.  A personal injury attorney knows a fair settlement amount based on the client’s injuries, and the type of life changes undergone. Experts will testify as to the severity of the injuries and the person’s long-term needs.   

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If you or someone you know suffered a serious pedestrian accident, or lost a family member in such a tragedy, the dedicated Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Ellis Law can hold those responsible for the injuries or death liable. Call us today and schedule a free consultation, or contact us online. Unless we win your case, there is no fee.