3 Major New Construction Projects in Los Angeles

3 Major New Construction Projects in Los Angeles

Theme Building and tower of Los Angeles International Airport at dusk

June 21, 2018

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Major new construction activity is taking place all over California, keeping pace with the hum of economic activity generally. The 5 largest projects that began in 2017 all had budgets of over $1 billion, according to ENR California.

Although new construction is happening everywhere in the Golden State, with a $1.4 billion California High-Speed Rail Authority in the Central Valley region and new construction at the University of California at Merced, the Los Angeles area is home to some of the most exciting new developments. Here are 3 of the largest.

The Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport has begun the first phase of the $1.4 billion Midfield Satellite Concourse and the Delta Skyway project. The opening of the Tom Bradley International Terminal 5 years ago (itself a $1.9 billion project) spurred the demand for expansion and modernization of the entire airport complex — demands that have been building for the past decade, according to planning officials.

The airport also has plans for as-yet-unrealized programs, including modernizing landside access, developing an automated people mover, and building a new facility for rental cars.

Oceanwide Plaza, downtown Los Angeles

The increasing popularity of downtown Los Angeles has driven the development of the mixed-use Oceanwide Plaza, a more than $1 billion project that will bring 1.5 million square feet total to a 4.6-acre site across from the Staples Center.

Ultimately, Oceanside Plaza will be 3 hotel and condo towers placed on top of a retail and parking complex 8 stories high. The site has employed from 900 to 1,300 construction workers.

The complex will be 49 stories in total, 675 feet. It will provide 120,500 square feet of retail space and parking.

The Ribbon of Light, Sixth Street Viaduct

In 2016, the city of Los Angeles demolished the Sixth Street Viaduct, a city landmark that was 3,500 feet in length.

It’s replacement, The Ribbon of Light, is widely viewed as a potential iconic landmark for the city. It will stretch over the LA River, the arts district, the 101 Freeway, and a couple railroads.

But it’s how it stretches that will make it a symbol of LA. Ten pairs of continuous arches framing the viaduct are planned, making a notable profile. It will be 100 feet wide and a bit over 3,000 feet in length.

It is slated to be completed in 2020.

If You Need a Seasoned Southern California Construction Site Lawyer

New construction is exciting, and a sign that the economy is vibrant. New construction is good news for people who work in the building trades and their families.

But construction trades jobs can also be dangerous. Workers can fall from scaffolds high in the air. They may be hit by falling debris. They can be electrocuted, or struck by construction machinery. And those are only some of the hazards construction workers face.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a construction accident, call a seasoned Los Angeles construction accident attorney at Ellis Injury Law. We have been successfully investigating and litigating construction site accidents for more than 20 years.

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