3-Car Crash in Costa Mesa in Front of DMV Injures 3

3-Car Crash in Costa Mesa in Front of DMV Injures 3

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January 9, 2020

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Three vehicles collided directly in front of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Costa Mesa at midday Monday, January 6. All of the drivers sustained injuries, one seriously, according to the Newport Beach fire captain. Fire units had to extricate one of the injured from his vehicle, an SUV that had rolled over. He was rushed to a trauma unit.

The other two vehicles involved were a pickup and a compact car. One other driver was also hospitalized, but the condition was not reported.

The crash took place at roughly 12:30 at the intersection of 19th Street and Meyer Place.

People were asked on social media to avoid the area as multiple fire units were on the scene.

Early reports indicated that only the drivers were injured, although some news reports said a pink car seat and toys were visible on pictures of the scene.

The causes of the crash were not reported. It is not known if alcohol or drugs caused the incident.

Rollovers Are Dangerous

Although few details about the crash were reported, some general observations can be made from the details we do know.

Rollovers are among the most dangerous accidents that can happen on California’s roads. The reason is obvious – a vehicle rolling over can be significantly injurious or even fatal to every passenger inside the vehicle, even if they are wearing appropriate safety restraints, simply from the rollover motion itself.

In addition, as appears to have happened in the Costa Mesa crash, the vehicle can be damaged in such a way as to trap motorists inside the car. Being trapped can itself be dangerous. In every rollover crash, damage to the vehicle itself poses a danger to the occupants. Breaking glass can lacerate them. The jostling and hitting can break bones, crush limbs, and cause traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other injuries. At times, the fuel in rollover vehicles can catch fire.

A rollover can be profoundly dangerous to other vehicles and passersby. A rolling or upside-down vehicle can strike other vehicles or become an obstacle to be avoided, causing other accidents.

What causes a rollover? There are multiple potential causes, and it is not known what caused this one. But generally, vehicles with high centers of gravity — such as SUVs, trucks, and vans — are more susceptible to rollovers.

Let a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Help

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