2016 Ellis Injury Law Diversity Scholarship Award Winner

2016 Ellis Injury Law Diversity Scholarship Award Winner

September 7, 2016

Ellis Law Corporation


Ellis Law Corporation is thrilled to announce the winner of our 2016 scholarship award, established to help encourage increased diversity within the legal profession. This year’s Ellis Injury Law Diversity Scholarship Award goes to Keema S. Givens, of Williamstown, New Jersey.

Ms. Givens was recently admitted to Howard University School of Law in Washington D.C., which has been ranked among the Top 100 law schools in the nation. Ellis Law is pleased to offer Ms. Givens a $1,000 scholarship to help further her professional aspirations, and assist with tuition, textbook and housing costs.

Our Los Angeles personal injury law firm received an impressive number of excellent diversity scholarship applications this year, submitted by motivated and passionate young minds. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who took the time to apply for this scholarship, and we wish all applicants a successful and rewarding legal career.

The scholarship was made available to applicants who were either a member of an ethnic or racial minority, OR those who have demonstrated a noteworthy contribution to diversity issues within their communities or schools.  All candidates were required to demonstrate a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Congratulations again to Keema S. Givens, who began her first semester at Howard School of Law this fall. 

2016 Ellis Injury Law Scholarship Winner

Ms. Given’s impassioned essay provided a thoughtful analysis of Donald Trump’s proposed policy of banning Muslims entry in our nation, and how the Bill of Rights acts to safeguard Americans against such discriminatory measures.

In her scholarship essay, Ms. Givens writes: “Subjecting the entire religious group to this kind of judgment would undermine our democratic foundation and set a precedent that could be the gateway for other rights to crumble in the future, based upon the circumstances of that time… The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect the rights of American citizens by confirming different freedoms to which we are entitled, instead of relying on the Constitution to imply that said freedoms exist. The First Amendment prohibits Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Another excerpt from Ms. Given’s Ellis Injury Law Diversity Scholarship Essay

“We celebrate the United States for providing people with the freedom to express this diversity, exercise rights of citizenship, and pursue opportunities for success. Unfortunately, this dream can be overpowered by dark tones of racism and stereotyping, especially when bad things happen and emotions run high… The problems we face in this world are complex and there is no simple solution for addressing them, but I can tell you what the solution is not. It is not hatred. If our society continues to complacently allow factors like stereotyping, willful ignorance, selfishness, and divisive ideologies to thrive, we are opening the door for hatred to develop and shape the direction of our society. Our varying opinions, races, and political stances should not be factors of division that hinder progress, or diminish the rights of some citizens. I believe that engaging in constructive dialogue on the basis of mutual respect for one another as fellow humans would be a much better starting point for “making America great again.”

I am honored to have been offered the opportunity to learn at Howard University School of Law, alongside other trailblazers who are leading the way for meaningful and lasting change. Should I be so fortunate to gain your support, I will energetically contribute my passion and a unique perspective to the community.”