201 Freeway Multiple Vehicle Crash May Have Been Intentional

201 Freeway Multiple Vehicle Crash May Have Been Intentional

April 22, 2016

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The search is on for the hit and run driver of a pick-up truck who is believed to have intentionally struck a motorcycle, causing a total of six motorcycles to crash. The chain reaction also caused a black BMW to crash. In all, at least eight people were transported to nearby hospitals, some with serious injuries.

The crash occurred at about 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 16 on the 210 Freeway in the westbound lanes just east of the 605 Freeway and just west of Irwindale Avenue.

Chain reaction causes 6 motorcycles to crash

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the pick-up was described as a black vehicle that was traveling in the No. 4 lane. The truck is believed to have cut across the lanes to the No. 1 lane, where the six motorcycles were traveling west at an estimated 65 mph. The truck struck one of the motorcycles, which then caused the other five motorcycles to crash. Two of the motorcycles were said to have crashed into the black BMW, which was traveling in the carpool lane.

The CHP released a statement saying that the preliminary investigation indicates the driver of the pick-up truck may have intentionally struck the motorcycle, but it is unknown what evidence led the CHP to this theory. None of the eyewitnesses saw the truck’s license plate number as it sped off and investigators are still trying to identify and locate the driver.

All six of the bikers were transported to local hospitals with major injuries. The two passengers in the BMW were also transported to a hospital with unspecified injuries. No deaths have been reported and the conditions of the injured victims are unknown.

Liability issues in intentional accidents

A tort is an action that is caused by one person and inflicts harm on someone else. Regarding litigation in car accident cases, torts are usually the result of negligence. A car crash victim may sue the other driver for failing to obey traffic lights, speeding, or otherwise behaving negligently behind the wheel. With negligence torts, the intent of the defendant is not a factor and is not considered by the court. Sometimes; however, intentional torts may be committed.

An intentional tort depends upon the mindset of the person who committed the act, who is sometimes referred to as the tortfeasor. If the tortfeasor, in this case, the driver of the black pick-up truck, intended to strike the motorcycle and inflict bodily harm, then that individual may be said to have committed an intentional tort of battery. If this is the case, then this individual may be facing criminal charges, which would proceed completely separately from any civil lawsuits that might be filed.

When a civil personal injury lawsuit is filed claiming an intentional tort and the plaintiff is successful, broad damages may result, which could include punitive damages intended to punish the defendant.

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