10 Most Dangerous Kids Toys of 2015

10 Most Dangerous Kids Toys of 2015

December 14, 2015

Ellis Law Corporation


Every year, hundreds of American children are seriously harmed by toys that pose choking hazards and other dangers. In an effort to alert consumers about these lurking hazards, W.A.T.C.H (World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc.) publishes a list every year of the “10 worst toys” – products that carry the highest potential of causing injuries and even death to small children.

Some of this year’s contenders have been officially recalled because components could break off or come loose, making them especially easy for little ones to choke on. Here’s a roundup of the 10 worst toys of 2015, according to W.A.T.C.H.

10 most dangerous toys for kids

  1. “BUD” Wheely Cute Pull Along – this plush furry virtual pet, marketed to children 6 months and older, had several lots recalled after it was found that the toy puppy’s hub caps could break off at the wheel, posing a choking hazard.
  2. Foam dart gun – manufactured by GD. Jiefeng Toys, this foam gun looks very similar to a real pistol and has been labeled as “realistic toy weaponry” that is inappropriate for toddlers and young children. Other gun-like replicas have been tied to several preventable fatalities.
  3. Stats 38 Quick Folding Trampoline – At first glance, this pint-sized trampoline seems like harmless fun. However, product labeling indicates that landing on the neck or head can lead to serious injury or even paralysis, and recommends adult supervision at all times.
  4. Poo Dough – Children 3 and older are invited to make their own poo with this brown compound and specialty molds. The soft compound, however, contains wheat which can produce life-threatening allergic reactions in some young tots, ranging from hives to difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis.
  5. Splat X Smack Shot – Imperial Toy LLC makes this slingshot-like device that can fire plastic ammunition up to 100-feet, making this a real hazard for eye injuries.
  6. Kick Flipper – marketed as a plastic skateboard without wheels for kids 5 and up, this toy made the list for its lack of proper warnings regarding safety gear. Children are encouraged to learn cool tricks on the Kick Flipper, but the packaging makes no mention of helmets, wrist guards or knee pads to prevent bodily injury.
  7. Leonardo’s Electronic Stealth Sword – this plastic sword fashioned after a popular Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle, is sold on Amazon, Ebay and Toys R Us. WATCH cautions that the toy has the potential for facial and other blunt force injuries when used as intended.
  8. Kid Connection Doctor Play Set – Featuring bright colors and a small plastic tongue depressor, this doctor play set has toys that could easily be placed in a child’s mouth, posing choking risks.
  9. Pull Along Zebra –  Industry standards mandate that strings on crib toys are less than 12 inches long to prevent entanglement and strangulation, yet this pull-toy has a 21-inch cord and is marketed for tots as young as 12 months old.
  10. Jurassic World Velociraptor Claws – Children as young as 4 years old are encouraged to “claw like a raptor” with these oversized mitts. However, there is no warning about the risk of eye and/or facial injuries.

Hazardous toys and product recalls

Despite federal regulations regarding the manufacture of safe consumer products, dozens of dangerous toys still make it to the market and into people’s homes every year. In some situations, product warning labels are inadequate, while others may be traced back to manufacturing defects or faulty design. Strangulation hazards, choking dangers, burn hazards and the potential for blunt force trauma have been responsible for numerous toy recalls in recent years.

Severe injuries stemming from recalled consumer products may give rise to personal injury lawsuits, raising claims of failure to warn, breach of implied warranty and manufacturing defects.

For more than 20 years, the product liability attorneys at Ellis Law have been dedicated to protecting consumers from defective and dangerous products, including hazardous toys, pharmaceuticals and defective medical devices. Litigation against the manufacturers of these products can secure compensation for medical costs, lost wages, as well as pain and emotional trauma. To learn more about your rights to compensation, call a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at 310-641-3335 today.